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my name is kati. i was born in southern austria in 1986.

i am a scorpio, for all of you who care about this kinda stuff.


ive always found beauty in the little things and started drawing at a very young age, preferably locking myself in my room while doing so.


apart from being creative, i dig music, animals, traveling, nature, wine, beer, food, sleep, rain and a handful of favorite humans. 


alone time is sacred to me as well. its the simple things, really.


im grateful for the ups and downs in my life as they shape who i am and sometimes im able to put those emotions into art. 


these days, i find observing the changes in my brain quite interesting.


all up i spent about six years in new zealand, where my style has developed into what it is now.


im inspired by lots of things and generally love going places, particularly to those with little or no people.


im currently based in my home country but tend to go on little trips abroad every now and then in order to keep sane.


my artist name is a homage to my grandfather - whom i called opipa - who used to call me katitza


i have a diploma in photography as well as in graphic design.


i can neither read nor speak georgian but i find their alphabet rather pretty.


my brain never rests.

moon > sun

rain > sun

dark > light

wind > no wind

tomatoes > any other fruit

animals > humans

documentaries > movies

mountains > plains

liquid > jump up

rivers > lakes

graz > vienna

new zealand > australia

greek > any other language

george harrison > any other celebrity crush

vegetarian > carnivore

savory > sweet

purple > pink

black > white

too many carbs > not enough carbs

spring, autumn, winter > summer

nightmares > no dreams at all


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